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Why is the City of Pacifica studying the impacts of sea level rise?

The City of Pacifica is in the process of updating the Local Coastal Program (LCP), a land-use document.  Each coastal city in the State of California is required to develop this planning document that identifies the location, type, densities and other rules for future development and protection of resources in the coastal zone.  Local Coastal Programs are the mechanism for ensuring the provisions of the California Coastal Act of 1976.  (Click HERE for additional information about the Coastal Act and the Coastal Commission) 

To be consistent with the Coastal Act hazard avoidance and resource protection policies, the California Coastal Commission (CCC) guidance has been updated to note that it is "critical that local governments with coastal resources at risk from sea level rise certify or update Local Coastal Programs that provide a means to prepare for and mitigate these impacts."  (Click HERE for the State of California's Sea Level Rise Policy Guidance for Including SLR in LCPs.)

The City of Pacifica currently experiences coastal erosion, flooding and severe storms along its six-mile shoreline that, over the years, have damaged public and private property. The City is preparing a sea level rise Adaptation Plan that will identify potential vulnerabilities to sea level rise, coastal erosion, flooding and severe storms and the options available to help prepare for future climate change impacts.  See the links below for additional information.    

City of Pacifica Sea Level Rise Website  (Click)

  • City Sea Level Rise Public Participation.  Click HERE

  • City Council Goals for the Local Coastal Land Use Plan Update and Adaptation Planning.  Click HERE 

  • City of Pacifica Frequently Asked Questions regarding the LCP Update and SLR Adaptation Planning.  Click HERE 

San Mateo County Sea Change Website (Click)

  • SMC Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment.  Click HERE 

Beachapedia (a project of the Surfrider Foundation)

  • California Coastal Act and the Coastal Commission  Click HERE

  • What is Managed Retreat?  Click HERE

News Stories

Erosion by Surf Worries some Beach Boulevard Residents.  February 2007.  Click HERE

Pacifica Scrambles to Patch Large Sinkhole.  March 2008.  Click HERE

Pacifica Slammed with Heavy Rain and High Winds.  December, 2014.  Click HERE

Pacifica Residents on Edge as Second Sink Hole Opens. February 5, 2016,  Click HERE

Second Sinkhole Appears Near Pacifica Pier.  February 2016,  Click HERE

Pacifica Residents Fight Evacuations; Geologists Say Crumbling Cliffs are Clear Danger,  3/16/16.  Click HERE

A Coastal Town's Long and Stormy Relationship with El Nino.  LA Times Feb 2016  Click HERE

Pacifica Apartment Red-Tagged 6 Years Ago, Finally Demolished.  February 2016,  Click HERE

Crews Try to Stop Pacifica Sinkhole from Growing.  Dec 2016,  Click HERE

Pacifica Apartment Complex Above Eroding Cliffs Demolished, January 2017  Click HERE

California will Face a Terrible Choice, Save Cliff-side Homes or Public Beaches from Rising Seas,  
Washington Post, July 11, 2018.  Click HERE

Sea Rise Preparation Plan puts Pacifica Property Owners on Edge.  Nov. 2018 Click HERE

In California the  Coastline is rapidly breaking down.  Click HERE for dramatic 9 minute video of the north Pacifica coastline.  

Views of key areas in Pacifica

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